Heating System Installation Options To Give Your Home A More Efficient Energy Design

Posted on: 17 March 2021

When the time comes to install a new heating system in your home, you want it to be as efficient as possible. Today, good heating designs can improve the energy design of your home. There are options like biofuels and renewable energy that can be integrated into the design of your system. The following heating system solutions will improve the energy design of your home:

Forced-Air vs. Radiant Heating

The type of system you install in your home is the first thing to consider. There are two main types of heating systems that are installed in homes. These systems are forced-air and radiant heating systems. Each of these system designs has its advantages and disadvantages.

If you have a central HVAC system installed in your home, a forced-air design may be a better investment. These systems use a heat exchanger design that blows air through ducts, and there are options like heating oil furnaces and hydro-air systems that can make these systems more efficient. There are also AC heat pump systems that can be used to provide you with the efficient heating design you are looking for.

In a colder climate, radiant heating may be a more efficient and reliable solution for your home's needs. These heating system designs use radiators or tubing under flooring to radiate heat into your home. With radiant heating systems, you have options like heating oil or biomass boilers to provide an energy-efficient solution for your home's needs.

Renewable Energy and Green Resources

Another option to consider when you are planning on having a heating system installed is renewable energy. Heating systems can use various types of energy resources, such as solar energy and biofuels. Today, options like solar water heaters can be a great solution to add affordable renewable energy systems to your heating design. Other options like biomass boilers for radiant heating or geothermal energy for conventional forced-air HVAC designs are also available.

Improved Heating Controls for Improved Efficiency

There are also controls that need to be installed with the system. These controls include the panels for furnaces and boilers, as well as the thermostats. If you want a more efficient heating system design, the controls should be digital with options for programming the system to maximize efficiency.

These are options to consider for the design of your heating system. Contact a heating system installation service to discuss these solutions for the energy design for your home.