Attractive Residential Gutter Installation Ideas For A More Inconspicuous Look

Posted on: 9 April 2021

Gutters are often only available in standard sizes and clearly visible styles. You may want to do things that can make the gutters more attractive. Today, there are options to make gutters inconspicuous. The following attractive gutter solutions will make your new gutters more inconspicuous:

Types of Attractive Gutter Canal Solutions

The gutter canals are one of the areas where you can add attractive solutions to your installation. Options to consider for more attractive gutter canals include:

  • Premium copper and zinc gutters (visible and attractive)
  • Canals with a cornice molding profile (the most common gutter canals)
  • Wood gutters and zinc-lined canals in the roof

The canals can also be wider if you are planning on installing a rain collection system with the gutters. This will improve the capacity of the gutters and the water that is collected from roof runoff.

Using Cornice Features to Hide Gutters

There are also several options to consider to hide the gutters with cornice features. These can be simple designs with the fascia on the face of gutters or other solutions. Different ways cornice can be used to hide gutters include:

  • Fascia boards that face the gutters
  • Custom-built cornice boxes for gutters
  • Cornice features in the roofline

The cornice can be a great solution to improve the appearance of your gutters. In addition to the canals, it can also be used for the downspouts.

Solutions to Hide Downspouts of Gutters

The downspouts of your gutters are one of the areas where you may be concerned about appearance. Downspout designs that will improve the appearance of your gutters include:

  • Boxes that blend in with siding corner boards
  • Downspouts that are inside wall cavities
  • Downspouts that are hidden inside decorative columns

The boxes and chases that can be built with cornice work are the best options to hide gutter downspouts. Other solutions include false columns that hide the downspouts.

Attractive Solutions for Basins and Rain Collection

There are also basins that are often installed at the end of downspouts. In addition, you may be considering a rain collection system for your gutter installation project. The basin is where the water collects, and it can be a filtration component of rain collection systems. If you install a rain collection system, you may want to choose buried tanks to make the system more inconspicuous and attractive.

The gutters you have installed can have an attractive appearance and can be practical, like rain collection systems. Contact a residential gutter installation service like A-1 Seamless Gutters Inc to talk to them about some of these ideas for more attractive gutters.