Do You Speak Refrigerator? How To Recognize What Your Fridge Is Saying To You

Posted on: 19 December 2014

Refrigerators can make some really weird noises. If your fridge seems to be talking to you, it might just be trying to tell you that all systems are running smoothly. It could also be telling you to call a repair professional right away. Here are some common sounds refrigerators make and what they mean:


If your fridge sounds like it's experience high winds, that is probably just the fan that pushes cold air around the freezer or other areas that are kept especially cold. 


Gurgling or bubbling sounds can be caused by water draining inside the fridge or refrigerant being pushed through the appliance's system. Sometimes this sound can be quite loud. 


A dripping sound coming from the bottom of your refrigerator is the sound of water from condensation falling into your drip pan. This means your drain is not clogged and your drip pan is functioning correctly. If your drip pan is dry, something is probably obstructing the drain. 


Clicking noises indicate that a refrigerator function is turning on or off. This could be from the defrost timer or from the temperature control feature. 


If your fridge seems to be sizzling, the sound is likely coming from melted ice dripping from the evaporator onto the defrost heaters. This means the defroster is keeping the fridge free of icy accumulation. 


Your ice maker will make a humming or buzzing sound when it is filling itself with water. 


Your defroster might make alarming crackling noises when it begins to cool down after a defrost cycle. This is simply due to parts inside the refrigerator responding to the temperature change by expanding and contracting. 


Rattling coming from the back of your refrigerator can indicate a problem with your compression fan. If the rattling is loud, call a service professional to check it out. It might just be dirty, but it could need to be replaced. 


A shrieking or squealing refrigerator can be a sign of a compressor that needs to be replaced. It could also be the sound of the motor coming loose. Either way, call a repair person to handle this problem. 

Refrigerators make lots of noises, sometimes loud ones, when they are functioning properly. If your refrigerator begins making a sound you haven't heard before or if a sound continues to get louder over time, call a repair professional to see what is going on. After all, they do speak refrigerator fluently. To learn more, contact a company like Ace Appliance Service with any questions you might have.