4 Decisions You Will Have to Make Before You Meet With Your Grout Installer

Posted on: 10 May 2021

Tile is a fun way to really tie a room together. Whether you are wanting to add a tile backsplash or flooring your tile installer will have lots of things to go over with you before they start their work. Here are a few things that you will have to decide on before they actually get to work. 

1. The Tile

The biggest decision you will have to make when you are doing tile is the actual look you want. Your answer will depend on the room's square footage. Once you know the area you're working with, you can decide the size, style, and pattern of tile that you want. For instance, if you are doing a smaller space like a mudroom or laundry room, then you may want to go with smaller tiling. Or, if you are doing a huge backsplash in a large kitchen, then you might want to go with some medium-sized tile. 

2. The Pattern

Your tile installer will lay the tile that you want in just about any pattern that's feasible. For instance, if you have black and white tile and you want it in a checkerboard pattern, then they can do just that. If you have brick-sized tile and you want it in a basketweave pattern then they can do that as well. If you aren't sure about what patterns are available, your tile installer can show you popular patterns. 

3. Grout Thickness

Once you have picked the tile and decided on the pattern that you want it laid in, it's time to decide on the thickness of the grout lines. When making this decision, look at online design tools like Pinterest for inspiration. If you really want your tile to show off then you will likely want smaller grout lines, but if you have a simple style of tile then you may want thicker grout lines. Once the grout is in, it's hard to make any changes so this is something that you will want to be 100% sure about beforehand. 

4. Grout Color

The best way to choose grout color is to get swatches of all of the grout options out there and lay them next to the tile that you are going with. The tricky thing about grout is that it can really set the overall tone for the room. For instance, if the grout is too dark it's going to look more dramatic and might pick up certain colors in the tile. 

If you have more questions, contact local tile installers.