Protecting Your Child From Mold-Induced Asthma Attacks

Posted on: 31 December 2014

Children are especially vulnerable to mold. When your home is suffering from a major mold infestation and you are in the process of mold remediation, you will also need to take steps to protect your children from mold, especially if your child suffers from asthma.

Keep Babies Away from Mold

If your baby is exposed to mold, there is a greater risk that your baby will develop asthma that will continue to follow your child for the rest of his or her life. If your home has mold, you may want to have your baby stay somewhere else, such as with relatives, until the mold problem is resolved. This is especially necessary if you come from a family that has a history of asthma.

Have Rescue Medicine Available

Make sure that your child has rescue medication available at all times to prepare for when your child as an asthma attack induced by mold. Rescue medication is not intended to be a long-term solution to a mold-induced asthma problem and should only be used to provide fast relief for asthma symptoms. These medicines are inhaled into the lungs and cause the airways to become wider, allowing your child to breathe.

Clean Mold Away

Regardless of the type of mold, you will usually be able to remove it if you clean the area where the mold is found. Bleach solutions are usually effective at killing mold. Mix one cup of bleach with one gallon of water. Make sure that you do not mix the bleach with any other chemicals.

Fix Plumbing Leaks

After you have removed the mold, you will then need to take steps necessary to prevent the mold from coming back. The most common cause of a mold problem is a plumbing leak. This creates excessive moisture that creates the conditions that allow for mold to grow. Correct the plumbing problem and you will correct the mold problem.

Remove Humidity

Reducing the overall humidity of your home will also reduce how much mold will be able to grow in your home. If your home suffers from excessive moisture, using a dehumidifier can help lower your humidity below the recommended 60 percent.

While you are taking a shower, you can contribute to the humidity of your home. To avoid this, run your exhaust fan when you are taking a shower. Also, while cooking, run an exhaust fan so the steam created from cooking does not contribute to the humidity in your home. While these changes might seem small, they will make it harder for mold to contribute to your child's asthma. Contact a mold removal company like Authorized Services for more information.