The Benefits Of Powder Coating

Posted on: 16 January 2015

Painting is a tricky business. If you put on too much paint, you can create runs that will detract from the beauty of your project. If you put on too little paint, the resulting paint job can be splotchy. The final look of a paint job can also vary depending on whether the surface you wish to paint is horizontal or vertical. Because of how tricky it is to create a quality paint job, you might want to consider what powder coating can do for you. 

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating does not use a liquid paint. Instead, the paint is applied to the object to be painted as a powder. In order to create a paint, the powder must be subjected to heat. Once the powder melts, it will create a smooth, seamless finish, which will resist damage better than a liquid paint will. You also don't have to worry about fumes from the paint because powdered paint does not have to be suspended in a liquid. 

What Sorts of Materials Work Well for Powder Coating?

Because it is necessary to subject powder-coated materials to high heat, the process is ideal for metal objects. Many people who deal in powder coating will use an oven or kiln to create the heat necessary to make the process work. Thus, you will be limited in what you can powder coat based on whether or not the object you want to coat will fit into the oven or not. 

Because the coating process makes a durable finish, it makes a good choice for objects that will be subjected to a lot of abuse. For example, a powder coated bike frame will resist the sort of abuse inflicted on a bike by an avid trail rider. You might also consider powder coating for a set of custom wheels for an off-road vehicle. The durable coating will look good even after taking abuse. 

Coating an object with powder and then heating up the powder will create a durable, even finish. You can use the process for all sorts of projects. For example, if you want to use large, wooden beams in the design of your home, you will likely need to use brackets to make the beadwork as durable as possible. Powder coating your brackets will give them a beautiful finish that will lend to looks of the entire project. you can use this process for all sorts of restoration and improvement projects. Contact a company like Metal Tech Of Murfreesboro for more information.