4 Advantages Of Awning Replacement Windows

Posted on: 15 April 2015

When replacing windows in your home, there are a lot of options. Awning replacement windows are windows that swing out from the bottom, and are hinged at the top. These windows are generally fairly small and are normally used in areas of a home that are not accessible (or not frequently accessed) from outside. Awning windows are less common than other window types and can be very distinctive.

1. They Are Wide and Open

Other forms of window are often interrupted. For instance, a window that must be pushed up will be in two separate panes of glass. An awning window replacement is often a single pane of glass. This offers a modern, attractive appearance -- especially for those who want to emphasize the clean lines of their home. There's an additional advantage, too. Awning windows can be used with a wide variety of window dressings because the lines of the window won't interfere. They will also let a great deal of light in.

2. They Are Insulated and Weatherproofed 

Awning windows are very well-insulated and weatherproofed. They can be latched closed to ensure that they are safe during storms. Because they swing down, they will seal tightly each time. Other windows could be forgotten and left open or might not be completely closed. 

3. They Are Extremely Well-Ventilated

Many windows which offer large, unbroken space either cannot be opened at all or can only be opened partially. Awning replacement windows offer both an unbroken glass space and the ability to open them to increase airflow. 

4. They Are Convenient

Everyone's had to struggle with a difficult to open window. But awning replacement windows are very easy to open. They simply swing right out. They also close very easily. The worst that a homeowner might experience with an awning window is having to add a little oil to avoid any squeaking. More advanced awning windows can also be opened only partially to let in exactly the amount of air you want in.

There are some downsides to awning windows. They should not be used in high traffic areas around the outside of your home because they do swing out, so they could potentially get in the way. They also may need to be cleaned more frequently than other types of window because they can let dust in. Finally, they can't be used with screens in areas that have insect problems. But for many applications, awning replacement windows are a convenient and attractive solution.