Three Solutions to Help Retrofit Old Homes with Ducted AC Systems

Posted on: 26 June 2015

If you have an older home, it may not be ready for central HVAC. This may be because it was not built with central heating and cooling. It may have existing radiant heating and no air conditioning. This can present a challenge when it comes time to install a ducted cooling system in your home. You will have to find the space to install the ducts without doing renovations to your home. Here are some solutions to help with retrofitting ductwork in your home:

1. Using Available Attic Space to Install Conventional Ductwork

If you have a home on a basement, running ductwork in the basement can mean expensive remodeling. This is because the ducts will need to have boxes to enclose them, which can also take ceiling space. A good solution if you are going to be installing new HVAC in your home is to install it in the attic. The attic is usually an area that has plenty of space and will not require as much remodeling and reconfiguration of ceilings in your basement.

2. Installing Ductwork in Joists of a Basement or Crawlspace

Homes on crawlspaces and basements can also be a good place to install the ductwork. If your basement is unfinished, the ducts can easily be installed in joist to take up as little space as possible. This can also be done with homes on crawl spaces, which have enough space beneath your home to install the duct systems. This is ideal if you are going to install a conventional HVAC system in your home.  If you do this before you finish a basement, the ducts will likely take up less ceiling space.

3. Using Systems with Compact Ductwork That Saves Space 

Today, there is another option available for ducts; compact duct systems can use high velocity AC to cool your home. The ducts for these systems can be installed in the walls of your home and are no larger than a plumbing pipe. These systems are great for retrofitting older homes with ducted air conditioning. The can also be more efficient and will remove the humidity from the air, which can make your home more comfortable and reduce the energy consumption of your AC system.

These are some tips that can help you get the ductwork installed in your home for central air conditioning. If you need help with the installation of new air conditioning in your home, contact an HVAC contractor like Tri State Enterprise and talk with them about some of these solutions.