Renting A Dumpster For Your Home Improvement Project? Keep These 4 Things In Mind

Posted on: 15 July 2015

If you're doing a home improvement project, renting a dumpster can help you get rid of waste and debris. Here are some things to keep in mind so that the process goes well.

Get a Permit

If you plan to put the dumpster on the street in front of your house, you may not realize that you need a permit to do so. Failure to seek a permit from the city planning office may very well result in a steep fine, so be sure to contact the planning office to find out what is involved in getting a permit. You may have to apply a few weeks before your dumpster arrives, so be sure to find out as soon as you can.

Make Sure there is Room for the Dumpster

Talk with your neighbors about steering clear of the street in front of your home on the day the dumpster is set to arrive. You might even consider buying traffic cones and setting them up along the street where the dumpster is to be dropped off. 

Get the Bigger Dumpster

The rental company you're working with may have some guidelines about how to choose the right-sized dumpster for your needs, but it is important to remember not to choose a smaller size in an effort to save money. If the dumpster arrives and is too small, you will have to get another dumpster and wait for that one to arrive. That will result in even more money out of your pocket and more time out of your schedule to fill the second dumpster. If you aren't sure, go with a bigger size.

Don't Dump Hazardous Materials

You may think nothing of putting everything from your project into the dumpster, but it's important to realize that there may be some restrictions on what you may or may not throw in there. The rental company should have a list of what cannot be put in the dumpster, and that list typically includes things you may not think are hazardous, so be sure to read the list thoroughly before you start throwing things in. For example, paint, oil and batteries are just some of the items that are generally not allowed in a dumpster.

Use the information in this article to help you when you're renting a dumpster. Consult the dumpster rental company for more ideas you can use to make everything go smoothly.