Fiberglass Doors Are Great For All Fixtures

Posted on: 15 October 2015

Many people don't think of fiberglass when it comes to their home. Wood composite doors are obviously much more common and popular on interior doors while solid wood doors are common on exterior door. however, there are several perks to using fiberglass doors in both interior and exterior doors. It is a great material for homes and properties of all types. This article explains a few of the advantages of fiberglass doors. 

Fiberglass is Strong yet Lightweight

Fiberglass is a popular construction material because it is so strong yet lightweight. It is also perfect because it is slightly more elastic than wood of the same thickness. This means it is much less likely to break or crack. Fiberglass sheets are rigid and strong, meaning they can be used in very large doors. At the same time, fiberglass is very light so the doors are easy to operate. Wooden windows are lightweight as well, but they are not as strong. Wood is also susceptible to warping over time, making the doors difficult to use. This is not an issue with fiberglass doors.

Fiberglass is Hollow

One reason fiberglass can be used for both exterior and interior doors is that fact it is hollow. Hollow exterior doors are often insulate with fiber insulation for an extremely energy efficient fixture. Best of all, you can add more insulation into a fiberglass door that is already installed. If you just want the cheapest and easiest interior doors, hollow fiberglass doors are a great solution because they are affordable, strong and lightweight.

Fiberglass is Stylish

Fiberglass doors are made in just about any imaginable style: from basic white doors to ornate french doors. Fiberglass doors can be fitted with glass peep holes and other design elements. Also, you can paint fiberglass, just like you can paint a wooden door. Fiberglass doors are made in a wide range of styles for interior and exterior fixtures.

Fiberglass is Easy to Fix

Finally, fiberglass is a great door material because it is easy to fix. You can get easy-to-use fiberglass patch from any home improvement store. Patching fiberglass is just as easy as patching wood. In the end, the results usually look better than most wood patches.

Fiberglass doors are not the most common yet. However, for the reasons listed, they are quickly becoming more and more popular. You will certainly not regret having such a durable and use friendly product in your home. Contact a local outlet, such as Port Orchard Glass, for further assistance.