2 Simple Furnace Repairs

Posted on: 23 February 2016

The problem with aging furnaces is that they start to use more electricity, all the while being less productive. An old, inefficient furnace will affect your air conditioning and heating systems. But, just because your furnace is over 10 years old does not mean you should rush out to buy a new one. First, you should see if there is anything you can do to improve the functionality of your furnace. This article explains two quick things you can check, and possibly fix, on your own.

Is the Furnace Filter Dirty?

The furnace filter is possibly the easiest thing to check and replace. Many people think the filter is solely responsible for making sure clean air is circulated into the ducts. Of course, this vital aspect of what a working filter does. However, the filter is also responsible for keeping dust out of the blow motor.The blow motor forces air into the ducts and can be significantly slowed down if it's parts are clogged with dirt and dust. A dirty filter, might result in a dirty motor, which can, in turn, result in less airflow. Even if the furnace is producing plenty of hot air, it cannot be circulated properly without a clean filter.

The filter is easy to check and change. Look for the filter compartment. it is clearly marked and usually in a spot that is easy to reach. Furthermore, it is behind a simple hinged door that does not require tools to open. If you open your filter and see that it has dirt caked up, immediately replace it. Filters are cheap and available at most home improvement stores.

Is the Output Duct Sealed?

The top or backside of your furnace will have a large output duct that leads into the wall. This is wear the heated air enters the ducts as it is circulated throughout the home. This duct is often made up of several angled pieces. The more pieces there are, the more possible leak points there are. When your heater is on, you should hold your hand next to all of the seams to make sure there is not leaking. Many people mistakenly try to tape ducts with duct tape. Duct tape is too porous for actually sealing duct seams. Instead, you need to use aluminum foil tape. This creates an air tight seal that will greatly improve the airflow of your furnace.

As you can see, these two simple repairs are not very technical or difficult. You can go make these checks right now! Contact a business that does furnace repair for more information.