Tips For Caring For Your Hot Tub

Posted on: 16 May 2016

If you are lucky enough to own a hot tub, chances are good that you want it to be in full working condition whenever you want to use it. Here are some easy tips for maintaining and caring for your hot tub so that it needs to be serviced as infrequently as possible.

1. When Refilling Your Tub, Cover the Filters With Nylon

When you are refilling your tub after draining it in order to clean it out, cover all of the filters with panty hose or nylon garters. This is a cheap and effective method of making sure that nothing that was in the filters will get washed back into the tub that you spent time cleaning. This will make your cleaning job go further and ensure that you don't spend more time cleaning your tub than you need to. When the pool has been refilled, take the nylons off of your filters carefully so that you keep any debris in the nylon. Then, remove the nylon and throw it away. Do this until all of your filters are uncovered.

2. Use Tennis Balls When Skimming Your Hot Tub

You likely have a skimmer in order to get out anything nasty that might be floating in your hot tub in between full cleanings. You can increase the overall efficacy of your skimmer by simply taking tennis balls and placing them inside the skimmer when you are using it, being careful to not allow them to float away. The tennis balls are going to allow you to pick up more hair and oil than the skimmer would be able to do on its own. When you are done skimming the hot tub, take the tennis balls and either hose them down or put them in a pillow case and put them in the washing machine.

3. Use Bleach When Cleaning Your Hot Tub Cover

Because of the heat that your hot tub produces and the moist environment that the cover is protecting, your cover is going to smell like mildew after awhile. You can get rid of and prevent this unpleasant scent by simply taking the time to spray down the cover with a bleach and water solution every few weeks and thoroughly clean it afterwards. The bleach will kill the mold that is causing the scent and will get rid of the odor quickly.

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