Tips To Prevent Cat Damage To Window Screens

Posted on: 16 May 2016

Window screens can be a tempting target for your cat. They may claw at the screen in an attempt to get outside or to paw at bugs and other things they see on the other side. Also, there are some cats that just seem to love climbing a screen for the fun of it. Unfortunately, these behaviors destroy the screen and make it impossible for it to keep the cat safe indoors. The following tips can help you deal with this behavior.  

Tip #1: Manage the nails

Simply trimming your cat's nails may be enough to save the screens. By cutting off the pointed tip, the claw won't be able to snag and tear the screen as easily. This works best on cats that paw at screens, since climbers may still be able to get enough purchase to scale the window. Another option, which works well on both scratchers and climbers, is to have claw caps placed on each of your cat's nails by your vet. These caps are harmless to the cat, but they make the claws too large to snag onto the screen.

Tip #2: Try sticky tape

Training a cat to leave the screens alone is a good option for kittens and young cats, although it may also work with older cats. Place double-sided tape on the screen. Your cat will not like the way this feels each time they go to paw at the screen. After a week or more of covering the screen with sticky tape, gradually remove it all over a few days. Hopefully your cat will no longer be interested in the screen.

Tip #3: Install a pet grill

Pet grills are wire grills that allow in air but won't allow your cat to reach the screen. They work especially well on screen doors, but you can also have a screen repair technician fit one to a window. The mesh is too big to keep bugs out, though, so you will need to have a regular window screen on the other side of the grill.

Tip #4: Switch to pet resistant screening

There are also screen materials available that are made to be more cat-resistant. These are usually made of metal mesh instead of the more standard nylon. This means they are more visible but they still allow in plenty of air and light. Keep in mind metal screens are only resistant, not impervious, to damage, so you will need to inspect them regularly to make sure they are holding up.

No matter what option you choose, begin by having the screens replaced by window screen repair professionals . It is much easier to keep new screens pristine, especially since a cat may be tempted to paw at any dangling bits on a damaged screen.