Having Plumbing Backups In Your Commercial Property? What To Know

Posted on: 26 May 2016

Do the toilets backup up frequently in your commercial property, and it's become a complaint of the staff and customers? If so, and you have an old outdated building, you'll want to consider making some changes and updating the septic system. You don't know if the backup is coming from a problem internally in the plumbing system, in the sewer lines outside the building, or if it's from the ventilation system. Here are a few things you'll want to consider.

External Trenchless Inspection and Repair

Have the inspectors look for tree roots blocking the sewer lines, which can cause back-ups and other problems or complications. If there is damage, you may want to see if you can have trenchless repair work done. This is when the pipes are lined from the inside of the property to the sewer line with a new pipe that goes inside the damaged pipe, repairing the leaks and problems without causing a need to dig. If not, the tree may have to be removed, the stump pulled, and then the pipes repaired.

Ventilation Cleaning

The roofing ventilation system helps to make sure water and waste travels down the sewage pipes properly. If there are leaves or other items blocking the ventilation system, or if the older system wasn't designed properly, this could be the cause of the backup. The industrial plumbing inspectors will look at the plumbing vents that go out of the roof to see if they need cleaned out or repaired.

Internal Clogs

Internal clogs in the plumbing system are a huge problem, and could be causing the toilets to back up. The industrial plumbers should have cameras that can explore down throughout the toilets, and in other pipes around the property, to see if there is a major clog causing the toilet issues. If you switch to water saving toilets that won't use and flush as much water, may be the answer to stop the flooding. The plumbing company should be able to install those for you.

Don't keep cleaning up messes because people flood the toilets when they use the bathroom, and don't put the staff and customers at the risk of bacterial problems because of the bacteria that can come out of the toilet. Instead, get a commercial plumber into the property to see if the problem is something that can be fixed quickly, or to see if you need new pipes or a new septic system.