3 Reasons To Install A Grease Interceptor In Your Commercial Kitchen

Posted on: 8 August 2016

In your restaurant or other commercial kitchen, one thing that you might have to worry about is dealing with grease. If you aren't careful, you have to worry about grease clogging up your plumbing and causing all sorts of other problems, but luckily, you do have options. Along with having a grease trap in place, you should also consider installing a grease interceptor to help catch grease when you or your employees wash dishes or otherwise work in your commercial kitchen. These are a few reasons why.

1. Avoid Grease Trap Problems

Having a grease interceptor in place can help you prevent problems with your grease trap. Even though you will still need your grease trap once a grease interceptor is put into place, you generally will not have to worry about it having to be cleaned as often when you have an easy-clean grease interceptor installed in your restaurant. Plus, you can help reduce the wear and tear on your grease trap, which can help you avoid a costly replacement.

2. Prevent Plumbing Problems

With a grease interceptor, you will be collecting more grease rather than allowing it to wash down the drain. Since, as you probably already know, grease can pose serious plumbing problems in a commercial kitchen, being able to prevent grease from getting into the plumbing any more than necessary can be very helpful. It's a good way to cut down on slow drains, clogged pipes and other issues, and you can cut your plumbing-related costs when you don't have to hire a plumber as often.

3. Help Keep Odors to a Minimum

As you might have already noticed, grease can be quite smelly. When it sits in your grease trap, you can expect for a bit of an odor to pop up until your next grease trap cleaning. A grease interceptor can be easily cleaned in-between grease trap cleanings, however, so it's a good way to get rid of these odors before they become too noticeable. Not only are you and your employees sure to appreciate it, but your customers might notice the difference in the way that your restaurant smells, too, once you install a grease interceptor and get in the habit of cleaning it regularly.

If you have not yet thought about installing a grease interceptor in your restaurant kitchen, you may want to consider doing so. In fact, these are just three of many reasons to do so.

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