Landscaping Design Alternatives To Traditional Green Grass Lawns

Posted on: 27 October 2016

Green lawns have been a popular part of landscaping design. However, keeping your grass can be a problem if you live in a certain climate or have trees that keep grass from growing. Grass will also require a lot of care, which is why you may want to consider some alternatives to the traditional green grass lawn landscaping designs that are on every corner. Here are some landscaping alternative to consider to get rid of your grass troubles:

Rock Gardens That Can Look Good In Any Landscaping Design

There are many landscaping designs that can include rock gardens. This can be just a small feature that you add to your garden or as accents to features like streams and ponds. You may also want to consider using natural boulders that you already have in your landscaping. You can add to the existing rock formations with natural and synthetic stone that a landscaping rock installation service like El Gallo Trucking can help you with.

Moss Garden Designs That Can Take Over Shaded Areas And Need Little Care

A moss garden can be a great addition to landscaping. This is not something that can be done overnight, but instead is something that will take time to grow and expand upon. The good news is that moss will need little care. It is an ideal solution for homes in wetter climates with plenty of shade. Moss gardens are something that you can add to at your leisure, and they require little maintenance. As the moss grows, you can propagate it to spread into other areas of your landscaping.

Using Hardscaping As A Landscape Design In Dry Climates

Hardscaping can be another feature that you may want to add to your landscaping. This is the use of non-living materials like rocks or the addition of masonry work. You may want to combine the different moss and stone gardens with a hardscaping design. This can include some stone paved areas for things like patios and garden paths. You can even trail moss you add to grow on stones to give it an aged and natural look. Hardscaping can also include features like retaining walls and landscaping structures.

If you are tired of the dead lawn and chores that need to be done to keep your grass green, one of these solutions may be the answer to your problems. You can contact a landscaping rock installation service to get started with the lawn replacement by adding a rock garden.