Things You Should Know About Basement Waterproofing

Posted on: 9 September 2017

The basement of your home can be one of the areas of your house that will be at the highest risk of suffering serious water damage. Waterproofing a basement will be essential for allowing you to avoid this type of damage from causing major problems for your house.

Understand The Various Causes Of Basement Water Damage

There can be many different sources of water damage that can impact a basement. However, homeowners will typically only be aware of the threat from plumbing problems contributing to this damage. Unfortunately, it can also be possible for water to seep through small cracks and pores in the walls, which can result in major damage. Lastly, condensation can be prone to forming in this area of the house due to its air being cool and damp. By having an awareness of the various sources of water damage that your home will face, protecting the basement from this damage may be easier for you to do.

Have The Interior Walls Of The Basement Sealed

A key step in protecting the basement against water damage will be to seal the interior walls. When you seal these walls, a sealant will close any gaps or pores in the walls so that water will have a much more difficult time seeping into this area. You should avoid attempting to apply this sealant yourself because it can be easy to accidentally miss spots or misapply these chemicals. The end result of these mistakes will be a basement that may still experience water damage.

Invest In Regular Water Damage Inspections

A key reason why basement water damage can be such a major issue is that it is possible for homeowners to go long periods of time without noticing these damages. Due to this risk, small basement water damage problems will have the time to balloon into serious structural issues for the property. In order to detect these problems before this type of harm can come to your house, you can hire a professional basement waterproofing contractor to inspect this area of your home to determine whether it is starting to suffer from water damage.

If your basement develops water damage, it can create serious problems for other areas of your house. This is a result of the water damage's ability to weaken the foundation of the house, allow mold to grow and spread or rot wooden components. Understanding the various sources of water damage that can strike your basement, the importance of sealing the interior walls of the basement and the benefits of professional water damage inspections, should allow you to mitigate the water damage threat your basement faces. Contact a service, like Baywest Construction LLC, for more help.