Contractor-Approved Tips For Building Your Commercial Building

Posted on: 4 September 2018

If your business has outgrown its current quarters and you have decided to build a custom-built building to move it to, then these contractor-approved tips will help you get the biggest bang for your building dollars:

Tip: Work with a Commercial Building Designer to Design the Building

Though having a commercial building designer create the plans for your new building will add significant costs to the project, they are an absolute must. Unless you know all of the ins and outs of designing commercial spaces, a building designer is a requirement.

The designer will know about all of the aspects of your building you may not ever even think about. For example, there are rules and regulations about accessibility for disabled people and how many public bathrooms your building must have. Using a professional designer prevents you from having to go back later and make changes for things you hadn't thought about or didn't design correctly.

Tip: Work with a Licensed Architect who Specializes in Commercial Buildings

A licensed architect is required to create the blueprints your building contractor will need to ensure the building can be built as you want and that it will be a safe structure. The blueprints will also be necessary to obtain all of the building permits your contractor will need before they can start building. However, rather than using any architect you might know, you should choose one with experience building commercial buildings in your local community.

Tip: Expect Delays and Extra Costs Over and Above Your Budget

As with building a residential home, commercial buildings often have construction delays and end up going over budget. Since these two things are nearly impossible to avoid, it will greatly lower your stress level if you anticipate and expect them from the get-go. By adding a couple months to your expected move-in date and a few percentage points to your budget for extra costs, you won't be angry when these things invariably happen. 

Tip: Only Work with a Commercial Builder with Relevant Experience 

Finally, when it comes to selecting the building contractor to manage your commercial building's construction, only work with one who is local to where you work and who has built very similar buildings in the past for other customers. Ask for some references and go see their work firsthand before you sign on the dotted line to ensure they will build a building you will be proud to own and move your business into.

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