Three Reasons For Encapsulating A Crawl Space

Posted on: 18 February 2019

Crawl spaces are notoriously wet, dirty, and welcoming to insect and rodent pests. However, you can transform a crawl space and make it such that it becomes a very good storage space. You might be thinking, "Gee, that is quite the dramatic transformation!" Yet, it is very possible. If you are not sure if you want a crawl space encapsulation for the purpose of creating more usable storage space in your home, here are some good reasons for doing it anyway.

Preventing Excess Moisture and Rot

​A crawl space is directly under and/or adjacent to your home. When it gets flooded or extremely wet, it creates the perfect environment for mold and rot to develop. The mold and rot can spread to the rest of your home underneath, in the basement, etc.. Encapsulating the crawl space properly not only prevents it from being flooded/soaked, but it also prevents mold and rot from getting into your home and structurally destroying it. 

Preventing Infestations

​Most crawl spaces have mud/dirt floors. They are rarely finished spaces, which makes them the perfect places for roaches, ants, rats, mice, spiders, and dozens of other pests to invade and hang out. If these pests have not found a way into the home or you have not seen them running amok in your kitchen or other rooms, just wait. They need time to chew holes through the walls that separate the crawl space from the rest of the house. When they have successfully chewed their way through, you will have to hire exterminators to come to the house several times a month to get rid of all of the pests that are sneaking in through the holes between the crawl space and the main home. Stop all of this from happening by installing an effective vapor barrier all the way around the interior of the crawl space, and you never have to worry about pests coming into the home through there. 

​Cheaper Alternative to Finishing the Crawl Space

​Some people actually finish this space. They have a contractor come in, level the dirt floor, install solid flooring, build up the walls, and finish everything off. Of course, this will cost thousands of dollars more than just encapsulating it, but that is up to you. The encapsulation will provide most of the benefits of finishing the space without the major expense of finishing it. Talk to a contractor to see which option works for your budget and plans. 

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