Wondering Why Your Water Bill Is So High? 3 Possible Causes

Posted on: 27 June 2019

Unless you have house guests or host a party, you expect your monthly utility costs to remain roughly the same. A sudden spike in your water bill is always cause for concern. Increases in water costs are typically tied to an increase in the amount of water passing through your meter.

If you can't explain the increase, then you need to partner with your local plumber to identify the source of the increase before your plumbing system sustains serious damage.

1. Mismatched Pipes

A lot of the components that make up your home's plumbing system are hidden behind your walls or within cabinets. This can make it difficult to identify when pipes have been mismatched.

A previous homeowner might have used two different types of pipe materials or the wrong connecting joints to complete a DIY plumbing repair. Mismatched pipes are not as durable as pipes that are installed correctly.

Leaks, cracks, and failed joints are common in mismatched pipes. A sudden increase in your water bill may be reflecting a failed pipe. Your plumber can locate the leak and replace any mismatched pipes to prevent further problems.

2. Leaky Fixtures

Some homeowners might not even notice a leaking fixture within their home. Faucets and toilets are among the more common fixtures that can have leaks that go undetected.

A faucet that drips at the rate of one water droplet per second can waste up to five gallons of water each day. That can significantly increase your home's water usage and cause your bill to noticeably increase.

Toilets can continue running after the flush cycle is complete. Water can continually drain from the tank into the bowl because of a faulty flapper. Be sure to have your fixtures inspected regularly by an experienced plumber so that you can replace any fixtures that are beginning to show signs of wear.

This type of preventative maintenance will help you avoid leaks and keep your monthly water bill in check.

3. Damaged Water Main

The main water pipe that leads from your a municipal water system or well to your home can sustain damage over time. Tree roots can infiltrate the pipe. The weight of vehicles driving over the pipe can cause cracks to form.

Damaged water mains allow some of the water being delivered to leak out before it enters your home. Minimal damage can go unnoticed, but more severe water main damage will lead to an increase in your water bill. A plumber will be able to locate and repair a water main leak with ease.