Have A Large Boat? Tips To Using A Watertight Hatch To Keep Cargo Safe

Posted on: 23 September 2019

If you have a large boat and carry a lot of cargo, you can use a watertight hatch to keep the cargo safe while you are on the water. Below is more information about what a watertight hatch is, as well as how to properly maintain it.

Watertight Hatch

A watertight hatch is a cover that is designed to prevent water from getting into different areas of the boat no matter what direction the water is coming from, such as from the bottom of the boat or on top of the boat. It is important that the watertight hatch is properly designed for your boat.

When installing a watertight hatch, make sure you know how the installation works. This can help you know what you should keep maintained. The installer can help you with each part, so you understand how the watertight hatch works.

Watertight Hatch Maintenance

Part of watertight hatch maintenance is to ensure the panels are always in alignment and to inspect the gasket compression on a regular basis. You also need to inspect the hatch to ensure it is sealed properly. This is one of the most important things you can do because if the hatch has a bad seal, water will get inside the hatch.

The most common problems with watertight hatches are cleats in bad condition, leaking compression bars and cross joints, rubber gaskets in bad condition, problems with drain channels, and hatch coamings. 

There are ultrasound testers available to allow you to test how watertight your hatch is. You can purchase these devices where you purchase the hatch or online. They are generally easy to use and come with complete instructions. One major benefit of using an ultrasonic device is it will tell you exactly where the seal is broken. This will allow you to know where to repair the seal. You can use this device while on the water or while the boat is docked no matter what the temperature is outside.

If you do not want to use an ultrasound device, you should take your boat to a professional periodically to have the seal checked on your watertight hatch. This professional can give you tips on how to check this on your own, such as while you are out on the water.

Because a watertight hatch is so important, talk with the seller if you have any questions about this. They can give you a lot of helpful information.