Why Use Foundation Forms?

Posted on: 23 September 2019

When it's time to begin building and constructing your new custom home, your contractor will ask you about many different things. You'll be asked to make choices about plumbing issues, HVAC issues, and other components that will combine to make up your house. An early issue that will require discussion is the foundation for the home. You might expect a traditional poured concrete foundation, but it could be possible to use a pre-made foundation form. Why consider that instead?

Faster Installation

Of course, having something that is already made and finished delivered to your property will save time. Your contractor's team can simply work on clearing the site and similar tasks without having to take time to pour concrete. When the form arrives, it is likely to be both numbered and color-coded so that your contractor's team can set about assembling it and putting it in place. This can happen in a single day, depending on how your contractor works. Being able to work with a pre-fabricated form allows for a much quicker foundation installation so the rest of your house can be built.

Quicker installation, in many cases, will whittle down the total work time of your contractor's team. This means you'll be saving money too.

Less Waste

When a foundation is poured on your property, there's likely to be extra concrete and other materials that have to be thrown away if there is too much of it. When you use a pre-made foundation form, on the other hand, any excess can be used for other forms. This means less waste overall. If you're concerned about recycling and waste, you can feel better with pre-made foundation forms, knowing that less trash will be generated.

No Curing Problems

Having a foundation poured on-site will require that the concrete has enough time to cure, or dry. Improper curing can lead to a plethora of problems that will haunt you as you live in the house. Improperly cured concrete is likely to crack, which will require repair, and the appearance of the concrete may be bubbly or unattractive. Using pre-made forms ensures that you never have to think about that topic. The forms will be properly cured and you'll be less likely to have foundation problems.

With these benefits, you're going to realize that choosing to go with foundation form is something you'd like to seriously consider. Inquire whether a pre-made form makes sense for your property and plans.