Expanding Foam And Air Leaks: 4 Tips To Help Stop Energy Loss Around Your Home After An Energy Audit

Posted on: 2 December 2019

An energy audit can be a good investment to help stop energy loss, but after it is done, you are going to want to know where improvements are needed. Some improvements may include upgrades to mechanical systems like the HVAC, but there are also simple and affordable home improvements that you can have done. One of these improvements is closed-cell foam, which can be used for insulation and to reduce air leaks. The following tips will help you stop energy loss around your home with spray foam after your energy audit: 

Adding Insulation to The Attic to Improve That Thermal Barrier and Stop Energy Costs from Going Through the Roof  

Insulation is an important aspect of the home design that you need to keep outside air from penetrating your home and causing energy loss. Your old attic insulation may be inefficient and outdated, which is why the attic is one of the main areas of your home where you will want to consider closed-cell foam improvements. It is a durable material, which can also improve the stability of the roof structure while providing your home with a thermal barrier to improve energy efficiency.  

Using Closed-Cell Foam Products to Seal the Gaps Between Windows and Doors That Cause Cold Drafts 

Are there certain areas of your home that seem to always have cold drafts during colder weather? These problems are often due to air leaks around windows and doors causing drafts. To solve these problems and reduce energy loss, expanding closed-cell foam products can be used to reduce the air leaks and seal openings to stop cold drafts that cause energy loss.  

Stopping the Air Leaks from Mechanical Penetrations with Closed-Cell Foam to Reduce Energy Loss 

Mechanical penetrations are another problem that you may have to deal with after your energy audit. Old boots for pipes and vents can leak and wear, causing energy loss. In addition to repairing any wear or damage, you can also use closed cell spray foam to stop air leaks that lead to energy loss. Foam can be used anywhere there is a hole where outside air is getting in, which will also help to keep pests out of your home during the warmer months. 

Updating Unfinished Space, Walls, and Foundations with A Closed-Cell Spray Foam to Keep Outside Air Out  

It is also a good idea to update unfinished space with new insulation. Some of these places include unfinished bonus room areas, garages, basements, and crawl spaces. Use products like closed-cell spray foam to insulate these areas to help keep the outside air out of your home and reduce energy loss.  

These are some tips that will help you stop energy loss around your home after an energy audit. If you are ready to stop air leaks and energy loss, contact a closed-cell spray foam company and talk to them about helping with some of these improvements.