Consider Installing New Seamless Gutters When Your New Roof Is Put On

Posted on: 7 April 2020

If you're planning to get a new roof soon, consider having new gutters installed at the same time. If you're color-coordinating your roof with exterior house paint, this gives you a chance to color-coordinate your gutters too. Seamless gutters are a good choice when you have new gutters installed since they have a lower risk of leaking. Here are some things to know about seamless gutters.

Why Sectional Gutters Leak

Traditional gutters are sectional gutters that have seams where two troughs connect. The seams are sealed with adhesive or by other means so water can't leak through. This makes a weak area in the gutter because adhesive can deteriorate with age, and the weight of rain, wet leaves, or an animal can put pressure on the seam and cause it to open. Once a seam opens, rain falls near your foundation.

Why Seamless Gutters Leak Less

A seamless gutter system doesn't have seams in the long troughs, so the problem of a seam opening and leaking is eliminated. A few seams are necessary so the troughs can turn corners and join the downspout, but overall, there are fewer seams and no seams in the long trough sections. The troughs don't need seams because they are not joined together. Instead, the troughs are extruded at the time of installation to the exact length needed for your home.

What To Expect When You Get Seamless Gutters

You'll probably want the new roof put on first if you're getting a roof and gutters at the same time. The old gutters can be torn off at the same time as the old roofing so your house is free of old and damaged materials before the new roof and gutters are put on.

You'll decide on the type of material you want for your gutters, such as aluminum, steel, or copper. You'll also choose the color you want for your gutters. You may want plain white, but gutters are available in a variety of colors if you want the gutters to act as trim for your roof.

The installer arrives at your home on installation day with a truck that extrudes the gutter troughs out of a machine so they custom-fit your home. The gutters are installed with hangers and sloped toward the downspout.

As with any type of gutter system, the installation of the downspout is an important consideration since it drains water from your house. You might want the water to drain onto a splash pad or you might want the downspout to empty in an underground drain.

How You Maintain Seamless Gutters

You have to clean leaves out of your gutters no matter what kind they are. However, you can keep leaves out by having leaf guards applied to the top. While the seamless troughs won't leak through seams, you'll still want to check the gutters occasionally for proper drainage and leaf clogs so they can drain rain away and prevent a wet basement or other problems.

To learn more about seamless gutters, contact a company in your area like Ziparo Brothers Construction.