Are You At The Point Of Designing The Interior Of Your Custom Home?

Posted on: 28 April 2020

Maybe you knew from the very first what style house you wanted. For instance, maybe you've always had your heart set on a Mediterranean style home or on a colonial style home. No matter the exterior of your custom home construction, it might be that you are still in the designing part of the interior of the house. If that is true, here are some ideas that might cause you to brain storm other ideas to end up with exactly the house you've dreamed of.

A Two-Story Home - Have you decided that you'll get more square footage in a two-story house because the lot your house will be on is not huge? 

  • Maybe you want a traditional floor plan that has all of the bedrooms and the family bathrooms upstairs.
  • Or, it might be that you are putting the children's bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs with the master bedroom and bathroom being on the lower floor.
  • Consider having the family room upstairs where the kids can spend time while you entertain guests downstairs.
  • Having that type of design would also mean that, when you have out-of-town guests, they could be given the entire upper floor for greater privacy.
  • Factor in where you want things like a sewing and craft room and where you want an at-home office.

A One-Story House - If you have large acreage, you might be wanting a one-story home. That will be especially nice as you get older and you may not want to deal with climbing stairs. 

  • Think of sketching out the plan for a one-story house.
  • For example, the entry room  would set the stage for the rest of the house.
  • From the entry room, one would walk right into a spacious living room and dining room combination.
  • The kitchen, the dining room and the master bedroom and bathroom will be on one side of the great room.
  • On the other side of the great room would be the children's bedrooms, their bathrooms and a family room.

If you go with the two-story house, think of having a terrace upstairs that will overlook your garden. For a one-story house, design the outdoor patio to go right into the back yard.

Once you have decided on the basic interior design, meet with a custom home construction agent. He or she will have the experience and the training to fine tune your own design. For instance, if you go with the living room and dining room being one great room, the construction manager might suggest that an attractive archway separate the two rooms visually.