5 Trendy Kitchen Remodeling Design Ideas For Your Contemporary Home

Posted on: 7 May 2020

If you have a contemporary home that needs renovations with modern kitchen designs, then you will want to find the right styles for your kitchen remodeling project. Today, there are a lot of options for modern materials, colors, and technology that will help bring your kitchen together with the architectural design of your home. The following trendy kitchen remodeling ideas work well with contemporary architecture:

1. Easy Cleaning and Modern Look With Fewer Corners, Moldings, and Details

Sometimes, the details like moldings on cabinets, wood trim, and edges on countertops can clutter your kitchen. These features can also make it difficult to keep your modern kitchen clean. Therefore, you want to have a more minimalist design that will look great with the contemporary design of your home. Use cabinets with flat faces and fewer details in the kitchen, and concentrate more on clean, straight lines.

2. Use Contrasting Colors That Make Design Focal Points Pop Out In Your Modern Kitchen Design

Contrasting colors can also be a great feature in the design of your kitchen. These can be white bases and darker blacks and greys, or you can do something more. You may want to use more neutral colors in most of the kitchen and use bright colors to make design features like islands and unique custom designs pop out.

3. Open Ventilation Hoods, Fewer High Cabinets and More Shelves For A Less Cluttered Modern Kitchen Design

In older kitchen designs, ventilation exhaust hoots were often hidden in the design of the cabinetry. Today, this has changed, and modern kitchens have polished metal exhaust hoods that leave more space open. In addition to the exhaust hood, use fewer high cabinets and add shelves for a more open, modern kitchen design.

4. Be Creative Blending Custom Furniture Features and Retro or Replica Accents In Your Kitchen Design

Custom furniture can be great in the design of your kitchen. If you add a dining area, consider using modern pieces for the seating. If you have built-in seating, make these features more modern and pop out with brighter colors than what you may use in the rest of your kitchen design.

5. Use Modern Solid Surface Countertops That Add Color Or Give Your Kitchen Unique Personalized Countertop Surfaces

Solid surfaces are always in style and trendy, but in modern kitchen design, you may want to do something a little different. Modern resin materials can be used to give your kitchen more colorful solid surfaces. There are also synthetic concrete and stone surfaces that can be stained with unique personalized designs that will set your kitchen apart from conventional kitchen designs.

These are some trendy kitchen remodeling ideas that will work well with your contemporary home design. If you are ready to start renovations to your home, contact a kitchen remodeling contractor and talk to them about some of these ideas to blend into the contemporary architectural design of your home.