What To Know About Installing Carpeting On Stairs

Posted on: 9 June 2020

Do you want to add carpeting to your home and are surprised at the increased cost of adding carpeting to your stairs? You may be surprised at what is involved to justify the cost. Here is what you need to know about the carpet installation process on stairs.

Carpet Removal

There is going to be a lot of prep work to remove any existing carpeting on your stairs. There are likely staples all around the carpeting to hold it tightly to the floor on your stairs so that there are not any loose areas. All of those staples will need to be removed before you can install the new carpeting. The last thing you want is for staples to poke through the carpeting when you walk on it. The time involved to remove those staples and clean up the stairs will likely take much more time than you thought.

Carpet Padding Placement

Even though your carpeting will be wrapped around each step, the carpet padding will not. This helps the shape of each step stand out more when the carpeting is placed over it. However, each step will need a piece of carpet padding that is cut to the exact size of the step. It involves placing the padding on top of the step, securing the padding to the step, and then cutting it to the proper size. This can add more time to the carpet installation time.

Carpet Placement

Installing carpet on stairs is going to create a lot of carpet waste. It is difficult to install a single run of carpeting across the entire staircase since shifts in the carpeting can cause stairs further up to have gaps along the sides of the stairs. It is common to install carpeting in runs that cover about four stairs at a time to make the installation easier. The seam of the carpeting can also be hidden either underneath the part where a stair hangs over or along the back corner of the step where the horizontal and vertical portion meet. 

Each section of every step will require that the carpet installer carefully places the carpeting so it wraps tightly around the steps. A nail gun is used across the entire edge to ensure it is tight and will not move. It can easily take another few hours to install the carpeting on the stairs, making this a full day worth of work to just install carpeting on a single staircase.

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