Chimney Cleaning And Preventing Problems For The Safety Of Your Home

Posted on: 29 June 2020

When it comes to the safety of your home, chimney maintenance is important. The fireplace needs to be inspected, and cleaning needs to be done. Doing simple maintenance will help keep your home safe during the winter months.

The best maintenance you can do for your chimney is to keep it clean. Cleaning your chimney is something that needs to be done before winter. It is also a good time to inspect the chimney and fireplace for damage that needs to be repaired. The following information will help you with your chimney cleaning to keep your home safe when you use your fireplace this winter:

Inspect and Clean Around the Chimney

The exterior of the chimney should not be neglected when cleaning. The roof and materials around the fireplace should be cleaned and inspected for damage. Once the exterior of the stack is clean, repair any damage that could cause leaks and problems when you start using your fireplace.

Cleaning the Fireplace

The fireplace itself is another area where you will want to clean. Make sure that you keep ashes and soot cleaned up throughout the winter months. Before you use the fireplace, you will want to have it thoroughly cleaned. Any deep carbon and resin inside the fireplace should be removed before you start using it this winter.

Cleaning and Inspecting the Flue

The chimney flue is another area where you need to clean. It also needs to be inspected to ensure it is working correctly. The soot and ash that builds on the flue should be removed, and it should be checked to make sure it works properly. If there is a problem with the flue, you will want to have it repaired before winter. Regularly cleaning your fireplace and chimney will help prevent issues that cause the flue not to work properly and need repairs.

Cleaning the Chimney Exhaust Pipe

The chimney also has an exhaust stack, which is where smoke and gases escape. If you have a modern insert, this is a special double-wall duct exhaust pipe. The tube needs to be cleaned to reduce fire hazards when you use the fireplace. If you have a more traditional masonry fireplace, the brick chimney stack needs to be cleaned.

With proper maintenance and regular cleaning, your chimney will be safe when you use your fireplace. Contact a chimney cleaning service like Allstate Chimney Service if you need help ensuring your home is safe when you have a fire in the fireplace.