Why Your Patio Cover Should Extend Beyond The Edges Of Your Patio

Posted on: 15 July 2020

When you shop for a patio cover, its appearance will likely be the first thing that you think about. For example, you might favor a patio cover that has colors that tie into the exterior of your home, or maybe you prefer wooden beams over those made of aluminum. Whatever the case, you need to think about measurements once you've narrowed down your preferred appearance. Patio covers are available in many different sizes, but you shouldn't automatically buy one with identical measurements to your patio. Instead, it's advantageous to choose a cover that is large enough that it extends beyond the patio's edges. Here are some reasons why.

Water Will Run Harmlessly Away

If you're buying a sloped patio cover, you need to realize that water will run off the bottom edge of the structure during periods of rain. Choosing a patio cover that is larger than the patio itself will ensure that this water lands on your lawn, rather than on the patio. If the water were to land on the patio, multiple undesirable things could occur. First, the sound of the water hitting the patio would be loud because of the hard surface of the patio. This could be disruptive for you and your family. Additionally, if your patio doesn't properly slope away from your home, the water could run toward your foundation. These things won't be issues when the water flows harmlessly onto the grass and runs away.

The Patio Will Seem Larger

A patio cover that is the exact same size as the patio that sits beneath it may make the patio feel a little cramped. It's important to remember that this structure has posts that support it. If you were to have these posts sitting on the corners of the patio, they would effectively limit the amount of usable patio space. By choosing a cover that sits beyond the patio's perimeter, you'll be able to enjoy every square foot of it.

It Will Provide More Shelter

A patio cover is ideal for protecting you and your family from rain and sun. If you were to buy a cover of the same size as the patio, people sitting along the outer edges of the patio could find themselves getting damp from blowing rain or burned from the sun. However, with a patio cover that extends beyond the patio's edges, you can be confident that everyone on your patio will have more shelter. Visit a local patio shelter company's website to learn more about its products.