Two Situations In Which You Should Get Your Pre-Construction Land Clearing Done Professionally

Posted on: 22 July 2020

If as part of your pre-construction prep work, you need to clear all of the trees and shrubs off the plot, and either of the following statements could apply to you, then you should use a land clearing company's services instead of removing this greenery yourself.

You are not particularly thorough or detail-orientated

If you struggle to pay attention to details and are not especially thorough when performing tasks, then you should get the land clearing work done professionally. The reason for this is as follows; if you don't do this thoroughly, it might get the construction work off to a frustrating start.

For example, if after cutting down a tree, you start to grind down the remaining stump but get distracted before you finish, or do not notice that some of this stump is still in the ground, you might encounter problems when creating the building's foundation in this area. In this situation, you might have to stop the foundation work, locate the stump grinding machine, and finish off the removal of this stump before you could continue creating the foundation. If before noticing this, you had already mixed up a batch of concrete for this task, this concrete could dry out before you could use it to make the foundation.

By using a professional land clearing service, disruptions like this would never occur, because land-clearing specialists will always be thorough and remove every stump and a tiny scrap of vegetation that would otherwise interfere with their client's construction work.

You have never used land clearing machinery before

If you're clearing a plot that is big enough to erect a building on, then it will probably be too large to clear by hand, using manual gardening tools. Instead, you will need land clearing machinery, in the form of a bulldozer, a stump grinder, an excavator, and a mulching machine.

Although you can rent all of this equipment, it would be better to just let a land clearing specialist use their own equipment on your plot instead, if you have never used any of the aforementioned machinery. The reason for this is as follows; your progress with clearing your land will be slow whilst you are learning how to operate each of these machines. If you don't plan to take on similar projects in the future, that would also require lots of land clearing, then it does not make sense to spend hours upon hours learning how to use these machines that you're unlikely to ever use again. Instead, you should let a crew of land clearing professionals, who have operated this machinery many times before and know how to use it to quickly uproot and remove the toughest forms of vegetation, deal with this task.