Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas To Give Your Renovations Unique New Style

Posted on: 28 July 2020

It is time for a kitchen renovation, and you now want to choose the new cabinet design and layout. There are many options for the style, design, and layout of cabinets to give your kitchen renovations a unique new look. The following kitchen cabinet design ideas will help you get started with the new look for your renovation project:

  • Choosing the Modern Style and Finishes—The first step in the cabinet design process is to choose the style and finishes for your modern cabinets. Some of the different cabinet styles to consider for your kitchen renovations include:
    • Craftsman-style with artisan woodwork features
    • Contemporary designs with straight, clean lines
    • Tudor cabinet styles with attractive inlaid details
    • French-style with attractive inlays and molding features

These are the different kitchen cabinet styles that can be used in your renovations. If you want a more modern feeling, contemporary and craftsman styles are some of the best choices for this look. To finish the cabinets, consider contrasting colorful finishes, or paint with dark and light colors.

  • Modern Multipurpose Cabinet Features—Since the kitchen is one of the most used areas of your home, the features of cabinets need to be multifunctional. You want to add features to cabinets that meet the needs of your family's busy schedule. Some of the multipurpose features you can add to your cabinet design include:
    • Bar space areas for dining and gathering
    • Built-in dining table for eating, studying, and more
    • Pull-out cutting board and food preparation features

The right multifunctional features will help you get the most out of your new cabinets and kitchen renovations.

  • Open-Concepts with the Right Cabinet Layouts—The layout of the cabinet units is also important when doing renovations to your kitchen. You may want to rearrange and delete some of the units to give your kitchen a more functional open-concept design. Removing upper cabinets and adding features like built-in dining areas can help you get more from the available space in the kitchen. If you have open dining features built into the cabinet design, add features like drawers beneath the counter surface to give your kitchen design more functional space.
  • Hardware, Built-in Features, and Making Appliances Match—The hardware is another important feature to consider for your modern cabinet design. Consider hidden hardware and clean finishes without visible hardware, like door handles, to give your kitchen a more modern design. In addition, talk to the cabinet service about options to face appliances with matching trim or finishes for doors of things, like refrigerators. This will help integrate the appliances into the modern cabinet and kitchen design that you want.

The right layout and style will give your kitchen cabinets a unique look for more personalized renovations. Contact a kitchen cabinet service, such as Logan Construction,  when you get ready to renovate your home with new custom designs and cabinets.