The Basement Waterproofing Guide To Deal With Moisture Problems That Cause Damage

Posted on: 30 July 2020

Moisture can be a serious problem in a basement that causes damage to your home. The right drainage and waterproofing solutions will help stop these moisture problems. Therefore, there may be some improvements that you want to consider to protect your home from these issues. The following basement waterproofing guide will help you deal with the moisture problems that cause damage to your home:

  • Interior Drainage and Ventilation Improvements—The moisture that gets in your basement can be difficult to remove. Therefore, you want to have the right improvements done to allow the moisture to escape. This can be done by adding an interior drainage system to your basement when waterproofing work is done. There are also improvements to ventilation in your basement that you may want to do to help keep moisture problems under control.
  • Waterproofing and Durable Finishes for Interiors—The interior is another area that needs waterproofing. First, if you are finishing a basement, you want to make sure the foundation walls are well-sealed. In addition to waterproofing the interior walls, use durable finishes that will not be affected by the moisture and humidity in your basement. Some of the more water-resistant materials to finish walls in a basement include:
    • Vinyl wall veneers
    • Brick and stone
    • Tiles
    • Acid stain concrete finishes

These are some of the different options to finish the walls in your basement with more water-resistant materials. These are the finishes that will be less likely to be damaged by the moisture. Even so, it is still good to talk with the waterproofing service about sealing the masonry materials use to finish walls in the basement.

  • Exterior Foundation Waterproofing Systems—The most important waterproofing for a basement foundation is on the exterior of walls. Today,  modern waterproofing systems that can be used to replace old asphalt sealants and provide layers of protection against damage. These systems include a sealant and layers of materials that reduce static water pressure that can cause damage to the foundation walls.
  • Exterior Foundation Drainage to Protect the Basement—The drains outside of the foundation are also important to protect your basement and prevent problems with moisture. Therefore, you may want to have foundation drainage systems added to the exterior of your home, as well as to the landscaping. You can also make improvements like add drain lines to downspouts that connect to landscaping drainage and protect your home from the runoff the comes from your roof after it rains.

The right repairs and improvements to basement waterproofing will help stop problems with moisture that can cause serious damage to your home. Contact a basement waterproofing service for help with these improvements to protect your foundation from these common moisture problems.