5 Considerations When Planning Your New Garage

Posted on: 12 August 2020

If you are planning on hiring a construction firm to build you a new garage, you are going to want to think carefully about what you want to get out of the garage. With carefully thought and planning, you can design and have a new garage installed that really meets your needs.

Consideration #1: Car Storage

Do you want to store your vehicles inside the garage? If so, how many vehicles do you want to store and how big are your vehicles? For example, if you want to store a big truck or SUV in your garage, you may want to make your garage a little taller than you would need to do if you were just storing a regular commuter car in your garage.

You should also consider if there are other vehicles you want to store in your garage. Do you need space for your motorcycle? How about your off-road four-wheeler? Or your boat?

By knowing what type of vehicles you want to store in your garage, you can adjust the space, size, and layout of the garage to fit your needs.

Consideration #2: General Storage Space

Second, you need to consider what type of general storage space you want to have in your garage. A garage can provide you with the storage space you don't have in your home. Sit down and create a list of everything you want to store in your garage. Do you need a place to store holiday decorations? Clothing? Sporting equipment?

This will help you to create a plan that will accommodate your storage needs. You can even add shelving, cabinets, and wall hangers in order to have efficient and effective storage right from the start.

Consideration #3: Tool Storage Space

Third, if you don't have another outdoor shed, you may want to use your garage to store your outdoor tools, such as your lawnmower, lawn fertilizer machines, and chainsaw. You may also want storage for other tools, such as auto repair tools or woodworking tools.

Consideration #4: Workspace

Fourth, a garage can be more than a place for storage. It can also be a workspace for all kinds of activities depending on how you set your garage up. You can add a workbench or space so that you can do basic home projects in your garage. Think about what type of work you may like to do in your garage and add space for the right amount of work tables and workbenches to allow for this work.

Consideration #5: Fun Space

Fifth, consider if you want your garage to double as a fun and functional space. Some people like to add a hang-out room to their garage, or just have a place to hang outside in the winter. For example, you could add space so you could set-up an indoor ping-pong table, or an area for a foosball table and a small fridge.

A new garage can serve a lot of purposes. It can be a place for your vehicles, be a general storage area, provide a space for tools, give you an area to work, and provide you an area to hang out. A contractor can work with you on a floorplan that takes care of all your needs.

For more information, contact a garage installation service today.