Concrete Driveways And Attractive Finishes To Give Them A Custom Design

Posted on: 21 September 2020

When you need to pave your driveway, concrete is one of the most commonly used materials. The problem is that plain concrete can be dull and not blend in well with custom home designs. There is a solution to this problem with premium custom finishes, such as stamped surfaces, acid staining, and overlays. The following attractive concrete finishing solutions will give your driveway a custom finish that suits the design of your home.

Sealing and stamping concrete pavement—One of the easiest and most affordable ways to give your concrete a custom finish is to use stamping techniques. These finishes are done with forms that have brick, stone, or other patterns in them. They are used to stamp the surface of the concrete with the pattern, which can then be sealcoated with a colored sealant to give your driveway a durable and attractive pavement.

Acid staining concrete pavements—Another option to finish your concrete driveway pavement is acid staining, which gives you many options for colors, textures, and designs. Some of the acid stain finishes you may want for your driveway can:

  • Simulate the look of stone
  • Make the pavement look like premium flooring
  • Add personalized designs to the pavement finish

These different acid-stained finishes will give your driveway an elegant custom finish.

Custom patterns with troweled concrete finishes—Troweled concrete finishes are other options that you may want to consider for the finishes in driveways. Trowel finishes are the most common type of finish, which can be done with custom patterns and features that make them more attractive. After the finish has cured, a custom sealcoating can be applied to give it color and protect the driveway pavement from wear. The sealcoating can be a clear sealant or a colored one to enhance the custom pavement finish. 

Custom designs with layover concrete pavement finishes—Layover is another specialized concrete finishing technique that can be used to give your driveway a custom design. These finishes involve applying a thin layer of concrete to the finish and handcrafting the custom design in the finish, which can look like natural stone or other designs and patterns that you want for your driveway. This is a common technique to resurface concrete driveways that have severe damage and need to be refinished.

The right concrete finishing will give your driveway a custom design that suits your home. Call a concrete driveway service and ask them about these custom finishes when you want your driveway paved.

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