Property Landscape Improvements To Make To Your Yard With Concrete

Posted on: 2 October 2020

Your yard and its landscaping can improve your yard greatly or detract from your home's appearance. Concrete is a great hardscaping material that you can add to your landscaping to provide form and function to the area. Here are some landscape and property improvements you can make to your yard with the help of concrete contractors.

Landscape Curbing

Your backyard may be landscaped with sectioned areas that include mulch, vegetation, trees, and other flowers. However, to help keep the two areas and their inclusions separate, you need a landscape barrier, such as a curbing or other separation material to do so. 

Curbing that is made of vinyl, bricks, and metal is not secure within the soil and can get pushed upward from vegetation roots and heave upward from freeze patterns. Over time, this will leave your landscape border looking messy and not doing its job. But concrete curbing that is poured as a separation border in your yard is going to last many years, be protected from the weather, and provide clean and smooth edges and lines in your yard. 

Concrete curbing can be easily installed by your concrete professional after they install the forms for your curved or straight-lined curbing. The curbing will be installed within the soil at a depth that will prevent your lawn from growing into your flower beds and your mulch covering from sliding into your lawn, for example. And concrete curbing is set at a low enough profile that it won't get in the way of your mower blades.

Backyard Patio 

If your property does not already have a patio off the backyard or the patio is too small to use for most activities, you can add to it with a concrete addition. A backyard patio is a great place for cookouts, gatherings with friends and family, and setting up a basketball court, as examples. 

With the right foundation installed within the soil, your concrete patio made from a four-inch layer of concrete will last for many years. A base foundation should be installed first by your professional concrete crew and compacted into place to give your concrete a solid foundation at two to three inches in depth. This layer of compacted gravel will promote drainage of moisture beneath your patio to keep it protected against freeze-thaw damage and soil erosion, which can lead to the slab to collapse and crack. 

Then, when your concrete patio is poured and set, you can print a cobblestone pattern onto the concrete to give it the look of a nice stone surface. Also, look into adding a concrete pathway that leads off from your patio that is stamped in the same cobblestone pattern.