Problems A Stucco Repair Company Can Help Homeowners Deal With

Posted on: 16 October 2020

Plenty of homes today have stucco as an exterior siding material. It's pretty easy to apply to homes and comes with a lot of advantages. That being said, it will face problems over the years like any other siding material. If these issues come about, hiring a stucco repair company is a great step you can take.

Water Damage

The one main issue with stucco siding is its vulnerability to moisture. If this material gets wet and remains wet for long periods of time, water damage will happen. If it already has affected your property, then you'll want to hire a professional stucco repair company.

They can peel back stucco areas that have excessive water damage. They'll also check for mold and remove it if it's detected. With their help, water damage won't significantly alter the exterior of your property.

Improper Installation

Stucco is a unique siding material because it's applied in layers. The multiple layers make it possible for the installation to not be done correctly. This is especially true if you hired an inexperienced installer. If you believe your stucco was set up incorrectly, hire a stucco repair company.

They can address any problematic areas that the first installer is responsible for. As long as the improper installation is addressed in a timely manner, you can minimize structural damage that would otherwise be expensive to fix. And you'll get great-looking stucco siding that is primed to hold up for years, thanks to the correct installation methods the repair company will use.

Sealing Coming Off

Stucco siding can hold up for a long time if its protective coat is in good condition. If it's not, then you'll start noticing sections starting to fade or chip off over time. If you believe your stucco siding's coat has diminished, hire a stucco repair company.

They can go in and completely reseal your stucco siding so that it has the protection it needs to hold up for decades. They'll repair areas that need it and ensure the new sealant they apply is completely weatherproof and perfectly capable of lasting like you want it to. 

Stucco siding is a staple material choice for a lot of homeowners looking to have a beautiful, maintenance-friendly exterior. If you hire a stucco repair company at the correct intervals and when it's really needed, this popular siding can remain in good shape and continue to enhance your property's exterior.