Preparing Your Home For A Siding Installation: Protecting Exteriors From Damage And Energy Loss

Posted on: 28 October 2020

When you are planning on installing siding on your home, you want it to make sure it is protected. There is going to be preparation work that needs to be done before you begin installing siding on your home. You are going to want to make improvements to prevent damage and improve energy efficiency. The following preparations will help you get your home ready for siding installation:

Removing old finishes

You are going to need to start with these improvements by removing old finishes from your home. Some of the materials that you may need to have removed before the siding can be installed include:

  • Damaged wood and wood-like siding materials
  • Removing or covering old masonry materials
  • Getting rid of the old stucco materials

These are materials that are going to need to be removed before you can have new siding installed.

Preparing new sheathing underlayments

You are also going to have to prepare for the installation of new sheathing. There are several options to consider for this. Some options for the sheathing that needs to be installed beneath new siding include:

  • Installing rigid foam backing for siding
  • Treated plywood for protection against water damage
  • Fire-resistant materials for areas with a threat of wildfires

These are options that you are going to want to consider for the installation of sheathing beneath your new siding. The plywood can also be used to correct imperfections and make minor design changes to the exterior of your home.

Installing house wrap and insulation for siding

Another improvement that you will want to have done is the installation of house wrap. You might be wondering what house wrap is now. This is a special material that is installed beneath exterior finishes for protection from moisture and leaks. These synthetic house wrap materials are also a great way to give your home better energy efficiency when new siding is installed.

Finishing the improvements with new siding  

There may be some additional improvements that you want to make when you install new siding on your home. These improvements can include trim details and new windows. If you plan to install new windows with your siding, you want to do this before installing the new finish.

These preparations need to be done to prepare your home for the installation of new siding. When your home is ready, call a siding installation service. You may also want to ask them about services like installing house wrap and new windows when doing these renovations.