Does Your Business Have A Leaky Roof? Don't Wait, Get It Fixed Immediately

Posted on: 29 October 2020

With winter quickly approaching, many homeowners and businesses are trying to ensure their properties are ready for the oncoming cold, harsh weather that sweeps across much of the country. If you have been putting up with a leaky roof in your commercial property then now is the time to get it fixed, as winter can wreak havoc on any open passageways into your building. But who do you call? Roofers are the professionals who deal with any and all things roof or ceiling related, but it is important you choose the right type of roofers for your job.

Commercial Roofers For Commercial Jobs

There are two main types of roofers: commercial and residential. Commercial roofing services are better for larger buildings and those with traditionally flat, commercial roofs that most stand-alone businesses will have. Commercial roofers also generally have a larger workforce, better equipment for bigger projects, and experience planning and executing roofs with larger surface areas. On the other hand, residential roofers generally work on smaller projects, like homes, with less going on. Always make sure that the roofer you hire is a commercial roofer if you are working on a commercial property.

Why Are Leaks So Dangerous

It can be common to see a few buckets placed out in storage rooms or behind-the-scenes areas of businesses when it begins to rain. Fixing a leaky roof can put you out of business for a little while, and that costs money, so most businesses prefer to just deal with the rain when it comes. However, what you don't realize is that not all the water is coming straight through the roof. If there is a hole in the waterproofing then it is very probable the water is pooling at some sections of your roof. When winter starts to hit, and this water starts to freeze, you can have major structural damage on your hand and an increase in cracks, holes, and other issues that let even more water in, compounding the issue.

Leaks Don't Take Too Long To Fix

If you get your leak addressed early then generally it is quite a simple solution for most roofers. A small section of roofing and waterproofing is replaced and that is usually the end of it. However, if you let the roof go unfixed then not only do you have to put up with a leaky roof now, but the costs down the track will be far greater, and way more of a burden on your shoulders. Don't let a small problem grow into a huge headache, get your roof fixed and safe for the winter. 

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