Three Reasons To Resurface An Outdoor Court On Your Property

Posted on: 4 November 2020

An outdoor sports court on your property can be a source of fun competition and physical exercise for your family and neighbors. As the person who owns and maintains the court, you always want it to look and perform its best. While you can expect that the surface of an outdoor court will last for several years, it may reach a point where it needs some attention. The answer isn't to build a new court—instead, you can turn to a local court resurfacing service that can give the existing court a facelift. Here are three reasons that you may wish to schedule a resurfacing job.

The Colors Have Faded

Most outdoor courts are brightly colored, and this can give them a fresh, inviting appearance. Over time, the color on the surface of the court can fade. This can especially be true if the court is in a shade-free area, which means that it gets direct sunlight for much of the day. A faded surface can be a visual drawback. For example, a tennis court that once had a bright green color could now appear gray with a greenish tinge. A court resurfacing service can work on the court to give it a new look.

You're Changing The Court's Purpose

Another reason that you might wish to get your outdoor sports court resurfaced is that you're changing the sport that you'll play on the court. For example, you might no longer be interested in tennis, but instead find that your family has a keen interest in playing basketball. While changing the color of the court might be appropriate, you'll definitely want to consider the lines on the court's surface. A resurfacing service can remove the tennis-specific lines and give the court basketball-appropriate lines, including the three-point line, the free-throw line, the baseline, and more.

The Surface Has Cracks

Over time, the surface of an outdoor sports court can develop cracks. These cracks can expand over time, which can eventually make your court something of an eyesore. Cracks in the surface of the court aren't just a visual issue, however. They can also affect your ability to properly play sports. For example, a tennis ball that lands on a crack could bounce in an unexpected manner, which would be frustrating for the players. Additionally, large cracks can be a safety risk, as they could cause players to trip and fall. A resurfacing service will remove the cracks and give your court a smooth, professional surface.

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