Two Reasons to Get an Independent Pre-Purchase Inspection Before Buying a House

Posted on: 10 November 2020

Purchasing a house is often a very intricate process. The sheer number of details can be overwhelming as you work through obtaining financing, finding a home you like, negotiating a deal, and finally making it to the closing table. Before your mortgage company will issue the funds they typically require an inspection. Getting a home inspection is definitely a wise move but you should consider taking things a little bit further. Hiring an independent inspector is one way to make sure you're making a smart purchase.

1. In-Depth Digging Is Very Important

When you have your initial appointment, the inspector typically does a basic overview just to make sure the major systems are operational. You might notice that they'll turn lights on and off, tests the air conditioning system, runs the heat, and possibly plugs in a mobile device to confirm the electrical system is functional. These are all necessary activities but you won't likely get the full rundown of the hidden details that could actually be a dealbreaker for you.

For example, what if there is mold tucked away in the attic? Without a keen eye for the signs, a general inspector may overlook the symptoms of mold growth. Because the inspector has given the green light to the home you don't learn about the mold until you move in and you or another member of your household begins to experience respiratory issues. That's why it is vital to get an independent inspection done. It's an extra expense but the second set of eyes can really illuminate the true quality of the property so you'll know what you are walking into.

2. Use the Independent Inspection Report as a Bargaining Tool

If your independent inspector finds major problems with the home you don't have to let the news upset you. Fixable issues can work in your favor if you know how to play your cards right. The report given to you by the inspector can provide you with the leverage you need to negotiate correctly. Ask the seller to come down on the price so you're able to use the money you would have spent on the house to bring the structure up to code.

Obtaining an independent inspection is so important when you are making such a major purchase. Be sure to schedule a home inspection before you sign any documents that will bind you to the home.