Keys To Successfully Maintaining Patio Covers

Posted on: 16 November 2020

A lot of homeowners have covers around their patios. It's a convenient way to block out the sun and shield areas from the elements. If you have one and want it working out for a long time, then be sure to maintain it using these tips.

Treat Mildew Quickly

Since this patio cover is exposed to outdoor elements, mildew can develop. This is very relevant if you live in an area where it's humid. You want to treat mildew quickly before your patio cover starts to really stink and pose health concerns for those around the patio area.

You don't need a lot of specialized chemicals to deal with mildew. Simple bleach will do the trick. If you spot and clean mildew with bleach on a regular basis, then your patio cover will be sanitary and not develop unbearable odors.

See How Weatherproof the Materials Are

Outdoor patio covers are designed to be outside, but even still, there are degrees of weatherproof features that will dictate how you should maintain the patio cover. For example, some patio covers aren't completely weatherproof. They'll need to be stored appropriately when the weather gets bad.

Whereas if you had an outdoor patio cover that's completely weatherproof, you won't have to worry about storage as much. You can leave it where it is and know that the materials won't start breaking down. Review your particular patio cover's materials and their characteristics so that you know what storage protocol to follow.

Remove Snow at the Top

If it snows in your area and the patio cover outside collects some, you want to remove it as quickly as you can. If you didn't, then you're leaving the patio cover susceptible to structural issues because of the added weight and pressure.

Get a ladder and stabilize yourself so that you can easily swipe off snow that has collected at the top. Get a partner too so that they can keep the base of the ladder still. If you do this every winter season, then snowstorms don't have to damage your outdoor patio cover at all.

Patio covers provide a comfortable place for homeowners that spend a lot of time outside. If you want this structure working out for years and years, then it's up to you to complete the required maintenance steps. This is different for every patio cover, but proactivity and consistency are always key. Go to a store near you to see what patio covers are available.