The Benefits Of Going With A Composite Deck

Posted on: 23 November 2020

When you think about building a deck, you probably envision using wood as a material, as that's the classic or traditional choice. A wood deck can certainly look great when it's first installed, but it's what comes after that can be a bit troublesome. Wood decks are notoriously difficult to keep in good shape and require frequent sealing or re-staining in order to stop moisture from setting in and causing rot or other problems. 

But today, more and more homeowners are turning to composite decks to make all of those maintenance headaches go away. Here's why a composite deck from Trex deck builders or another similar company might be the way to go when it's time to add a new deck to your home.

Composite Decks Are Very Low Maintenance

As a homeowner, you always want your deck to look great, but you might not be super excited about the maintenance turning into a full-time job. With a composite deck, you don't have to worry about that anymore. With a composite deck, staining or re-painting will become a thing of the past. All you need to do to keep your composite deck looking great is hit it with a little soap and water every once in a while, just like you're mopping any basic floor tile in your home. Your composite deck will last for many years without ever giving you a maintenance headache.

Composite Decks Feature Recyclable Materials

Composite decks may be low maintenance but they still look amazing and that's because they are crafted from recycled wood scraps as well as other recycled materials. If you want to build a new deck but you don't want to increase your family's environmental footprint, a composite deck is an excellent choice as every last bit of your new deck will be built from recyclable materials and then of course the deck itself is recyclable if you ever want to make a change in the future.

Long-Term Value Off-Sets the Increase in Price

Yes, a composite deck is an investment that is going to cost you more money than a traditional wood deck of the same size. But again, think back to the fact that you won't have to buy painting or staining supplies or likely do any maintenance or repair work at all. A composite deck will cost you more money upfront, but may actually save you money in the long run once you add up how much all of that maintenance on a more traditional deck would cost.

For more information on composite deck options, talk to a trex deck building company today.