3 Features To Consider When Having A Covered Riding Arena Built In Your Community

Posted on: 25 November 2020

Are you having a new covered riding arena built in your community for competitions and private riding sessions? There are a few features to consider installing that should improve aesthetics, organization, convenience, and comfort overall. These are the features that should not be overlooked.

Retractable Walls

There are a few good reasons to consider having retractable walls built into your covered riding arena. First, you will be able to effectively control temperatures inside the arena throughout the year. When it is exceptionally hot outside, you can fully retract the walls to allow air to freely flow through the space. When it is really cold outside, you can completely close the walls to keep the air outside. When the weather is decent outside, you can retract the walls only partway.

In addition, you can retract the walls when you are expecting a larger crowd to accommodate extra seating outside. Retractable walls will also allow you to easily move large items like jumps and temporary fencing in and out. You may want to have one or two whole walls installed so windows can be placed in them for ventilation when all the retractable walls are closed.

Built-In Seating

Another feature that you shouldn't overlook when your covered riding arena is being designed is built-in seating. Whether it is benches, stands, or any other kind of seating that you want guests to sit on, they can be built into the arena so that they stay where they are supposed to. Guests will not be able to move the seating around and cause congestion or disarray.

People will be less likely to trip over or bump into the seating and injure themselves as well. If you want people to be able to move some of the seating around so they can get the best views, you can always install built-in seating in the first couple of rows and place movable seating in the back so patrons can adjust.


When all the walls and doors are closed in the riding arena, nobody will have a view of the outdoors, which can make the space feel a little suffocating when it is filled with animals and people. Installing some skylights in the ceiling will help brighten the space up and bring some of the outdoors inside. This should not only help make the space feel larger, but it should help save you some money on your lighting bills too.