Three Places That A Mason Can Use Manufactured Stone Inside Of Your Home

Posted on: 8 December 2020

When you think about projects that your local masonry service can work on for you, you might think about work that takes place outside with real stone. While it's certainly true that a mason can use real stone to build walls and other structures, they also turn to cultured stone for other jobs. Manufactured stone is a synthetic product that has the appearance of actual stone but is thinner and thus lighter to work with. While manufactured stone can work well outdoors, there may be a number of indoor applications that interest you. Here are three places that a mason can use manufactured stone inside of your home.

Around Your Fireplace

A good application for manufactured stone is around your fireplace. Traditionally, people have often used real stone in this location, but this can result in a labor-intensive job. Because manufactured stone is lighter and easier to work with, your masonry service can apply it around your fireplace at a lower cost than authentic stone. Any type of stone product around the fireplace can help to add a cozy feel to your home, while also serving a functional purpose. The concrete in the manufactured stone will absorb some of the heat from the fireplace and stay warm, even after the fire goes out. This can mean that you feel the warmth when standing in this area.

On Support Columns

Many homes have a few load-bearing support columns that run from floor to ceiling in different rooms. Often, you'll find that these columns have drywall around them, which can help them to match the surrounding walls. If you want to make your support columns stand out in a different way, you might wish to consider adding manufactured stone to them. This project can quickly make them a focal point in the room. If you're thinking about adding manufactured stone around your fireplace, too, your masonry service will make sure to use the same type of manufactured stone for a unified look.

On Basement Walls

Manufactured stone can also work well covering entire walls if you're going for a certain look and feel in a room. Some homeowners like the idea of using this product on the walls of their basement. Doing so can give the basement a unique and quaint appearance, depending on the look of the stone. A basement with manufactured stone on the walls and that is equipped with antique furniture, for example, can have an old-time feel.

Reach out to a masonry contractor for more ideas.