Contact A Dock Repair Service When You're Facing These Issues

Posted on: 11 December 2020

A dock can be a fun place for your family and friends to gather for many different activities, but only when the dock is in good condition. A dock that has begun to show signs of wear can be a hazard, potentially causing someone to fall into the water and perhaps sustain a serious injury. If you don't have the capability to repair your dock yourself, you can get help in the form of a dock repair service. Look online to find a local service, call to explain your situation, and book an estimate visit. Here are three times that you should seek help from a dock repair service.

The Dock Is Sagging

In order to be safe to walk on, your dock should be horizontal from one end to the other. Over time, however, you may begin to notice that one corner of it has started to sag. There are many reasons that a dock can start to sag. If one of the posts beneath the dock has deteriorated or sunken deeper into the dirt or sand below the water, this can result in sagging. A dock repair professional will assess the reason for the sag and repair or replace the post and any related parts of the deck, as necessary.

Boards Are Missing

Another issue that you may eventually face with your dock is one or more missing boards. Initially, you may feel as though this issue is minor; you might simply make a point of stepping over the gaps that are left behind after a board has come off. Unfortunately, missing boards are a serious issue that can make your dock a dangerous place because of the risk of someone accidentally stepping into the void and falling. Your dock repair service will replace any missing boards with new boards that are a good visual match.

Certain Areas Are Rusty

A dock typically has a combination of wooden and metal elements, both of which should last for a long time. In the case of an old dock, however, it's common to see patches of rust on some of the metal. Minor rust isn't necessarily serious, but large areas of rust can be a concern. Rusty metal is weaker than metal that is devoid of rust, which means that the structural integrity of your dock may be compromised. In severe cases, this could result in the entire structure collapsing under the weight of people on it.

Speak to a local dock repair service to address these problems.