Portable Storage For Construction Materials

Posted on: 16 December 2020

If you oversee several construction projects each year, building materials are constantly replenished and exhausted and you may have different storage requirements, depending upon the location of a project or the timeframe in which various parts of a project are going to be conducted. Portable storage racks can aid in keeping your materials organized and racks won't take up valuable space when they are not being utilized.

Sturdier Than Pallets 

A portable system that contains shelves, lightweight poles, and connectors will allow you to customize a storage rack and expand the height and width of it, after purchasing more construction materials. Tubular or solid stainless steel can hold heavy loads and won't bend or break. Custom options include choosing the size of each shelf or the length of the connector pieces.

A powder coating or a distinct color of paint can be applied to a racking system and some setups are designed for use in the back of a pickup truck or the outdoors. Choose how tall the storage racks will need to be and purchase enough shelves to display the materials needed to complete each job.

By having all of the materials within view and by being supplied with a viable way to separate construction materials, you will be aware of when you are getting low on a particular material and will also be able to keep materials clean and dry. After a project is complete, you have the option of tearing down the storage rack, which will free up space within the area that was being used to display the materials. 

Easy To Transport To Construction Sites

If you own some immobile storage racks that are located in the building you use for planning purposes and storage, you may find it to be more convenient for materials to be transported at the beginning of each construction project. Invest in several moveable racking systems and have your employees transport the rack components to each location where a project is going to be completed.

Because the storage racks can be broken down, transporting the components won't be difficult and all of the pieces of a racking system can be transported in a single load. For wooden beams and other materials that are long in length, purchase a racking system that contains braces. This feature will allow long materials to be set on top of a shelf, without needing to worry about materials falling off of the racking system.

For more information, contact a local storage rack supplier.