Porch Ideas to Give Your Home Renovations Interesting Outdoor Spaces

Posted on: 18 December 2020

If you want to add porch spaces to your home, there are a lot of things that can be done with these projects. They can include covered, enclosed, and open outdoor spaces for your home. The additional porches will give you more functional spaces for your outdoor use. The following porch ideas will help you create the space you want for your home's outdoor areas:

Covered Porch Areas For Entryways

The addition of a covered porch can be a great way to improve the entrances to your home. A covered porch can be just big enough for some house plants and decorations, or it can be large enough for entertaining. You can also have mechanical installations like HVAC vents and electrical wiring for these areas. Options to consider for an entry porch include:

  • Small entrance roof covering to protect the front door
  • A full-length porch that provides covered space in front of your home
  • Courtyard-like front porch design for privacy at the entrance to your home

The addition of a front entry porch is a great way to change the appearance of your home and add curb appeal. This adds value to your property and gives you a functional feature that you can use and enjoy.

Wrap-around Porch for Rural Home Designs

If you have a home on an estate, you may want to have a more rural design. The addition of a wrap-around porch can be a great solution for your home. The wrap-around porch designs can include other rustic design features, like exposed architectural timbers. They can also be covered in some areas and open in others to give your home a unique design.

Screened-in Porches for Enclosed Outdoor Spaces

Another option to consider for your porch building project is a screened-in design. The addition of a screened porch for your home gives you a lot of options to add protected space to your outdoor areas. In addition to screening in the area, you can also add removable storm windows. This will allow you to use the space during the winter months when the weather is often too cold outside.

Porch Areas That Connect to Additional Outdoor Spaces

The porches that you have built for your home can also connect to other spaces. These can be open spaces that integrate into landscaping, pool areas, and other features around your home. The porches can have different levels that create a unique design for your outdoor living areas.

The addition of porches can be a great way to extend your living space to the great outdoors. Contact porch builders near you to discuss some of these ideas for your home.