Convenience Features You Might Not Think Of For Your Custom Home

Posted on: 22 December 2020

When you're finalizing the designs for your custom home build, it's important that you think about some of the finer details to create the home that you have envisioned. After all, when you've never built a home from the ground up before, you may not realize some of the features that you can incorporate easily. Here's a look at some of the things that you should think about and discuss with your builder before you finalize the plans.

Bathroom Amenities

One of the things that you should think about when you're designing your custom home is the bathroom features that you want to incorporate. The initial construction is the perfect time for you to incorporate things such as oversized showers, steam showers, and heated floors. Think about the features that would make your bathroom into the oasis you want it to be and work with your builder to incorporate whatever fits your budget.

Electrical Accommodations

One of the crucial elements of your home construction process is the designing of the wiring grid. When your builder and electrician are mapping out the electrical grid and the placement of your electrical outlets, this is the time to address any special electrical needs.

Whether you need an additional circuit installed for an energy-demanding sump pump system, want to place a tanning bed in your den, or just want to make sure that you have more fixtures than you think you'll need, this is the time to address it.

Talk with the builder about having your electrician incorporate wireless charging fixtures, touch panels, and any other electrical accommodations that might be helpful.

Convenient Additions

Another great thing about building a custom home is the fact that you have endless options for convenient additions. For example, you could have a whole-house vacuum system installed so that you won't have to run a vacuum cleaner anymore. You'll just have to empty the vacuum discharge pans periodically.

You can also have your builder incorporate additional air return vents to help purify the air in your home and reduce dust. Talk with your builder about these and other convenient features that might be beneficial for your lifestyle.

These are just a few features you might want to talk with your builder about during the design phase of your home build. The more you understand about your options, the easier it is to create plans that will produce the home you truly want and commit years to live in. Reach out to a custom home builder for more information.