Wall Insulation Tips for Residential Properties

Posted on: 5 January 2021

Insulation is an important part of residential properties, especially wall insulation. It improves their energy-efficiency rating, which helps you cut down on energy bills. Here are a couple of wall insulation tips that can pay off during this process. 

Suit up Appropriately

Before you start insulating the walls in your home, you want to wear the right gear. Because if you don't, you could do serious harm to your respiratory system and other body parts. Make sure your entire body is completely covered with some sort of protective suit. Also invest in a respiratory mask so that you're not inhaling harmful particles from the wall insulation you're working with. Make sure your hands are covered too since they'll be the part most exposed to the insulation. These clothing tips can help you avoid injury and potential health problems later on with wall insulation materials. 

Avoid Stuffing Materials

How insulation is placed into walls is very important and something you want to spend time getting right if you're attempting to insulate or re-insulate your property. The number one thing to stay mindful of when it comes to placement is to avoid stuffing. If you cramped sections of wall insulation into certain areas, there is a good chance of creating air pockets. That makes the insulation not as effective and then you'll have a much more difficult time keeping temperatures inside at a set range. If a piece of insulation isn't fitting just right, make the necessary adjustments so that placement is smooth.

Don't Forget to Seal Up Narrow Gaps

Even when you do apply the right amount of insulation to walls, there will probably still be small gaps left over. You don't want to just let them be because then you're wall insulating attempts won't be as effective as they could be otherwise. You want to seal up these narrow gaps with spray foam. This foam will expand around narrow gaps so that the walls are completely sealed off. That's the best way to enjoy the energy-efficient advantages that come with adding wall insulation to your property. If you don't feel comfortable applying spray foam or don't know where to get it, you can always hire a pro.

Insulating the walls in a home is pivotal in ensuring the property is insulated properly. You'll maximize this process for years and years and avoid stress if you review helpful techniques that are backed by proven energy-efficiency results.