When Limited Access Drilling Would Be Appropriate

Posted on: 11 January 2021

Drilling operations are sometimes negatively affected by the environment. There may not be a bunch of space and that creates added obstacles to overcome in a drilling project. Luckily, limited access drilling exists. Here are just some situations where this special type of drilling would be needed.

Restricted Air Ventilation

When drilling takes place, there needs to be proper ventilation so that nearby workers can safely continue these operations. If there isn't a lot of space, traditional drilling equipment can cause safety hazards because of how air quality is negatively impacted. 

In this situation, limited access drilling would come in handy. Contractors use specialized drilling equipment because of its advantageous features. For instance, the drilling rig's engine is set up to allow for proper airflow regardless of how limited the space may be. 

Poor Surface Conditions

There may be a day when the surface conditions around the drilling worksite aren't that great. Traditional drilling equipment can't go to these areas because if they did, they could get damaged and the operators could get hurt. That's where limited access drilling can help. It doesn't involve bulky drilling machinery. Instead, the machinery is very portable and compact. That means operators should have no trouble getting the drilling equipment in place even if the surface conditions are not ideal. There won't be any delays in the drilling project or unnecessary safety hazards that your drilling team is exposed to.

Crowded Urban Settings

Any time drilling takes place around a crowded urban setting, space constraints are always a challenge that needs to be addressed. It can be in a safe, effective manner thanks to limited access drilling. A crew can get the specialized drilling equipment into these tight areas and still perform drilling like they normally would with traditional equipment. That should remove a lot of stress from drilling operations and also open them up to new areas that may not have been possible before. You'll just need to find a drilling company that is experienced with limited access drilling and the equipment it deals with.

If drilling is an important aspect of your work operations, then know that limited access drilling exists. It may be required at some point in the future, whether it's because there isn't much space available or air quality could be an issue. Knowing when to use limited access drilling can save you time and a lot of obstacles.